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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be the number one trading company in the Yemeni market. It is our object to lead our group of companies to a new horizon on an international level that goes a long with our willingness and strong desire of our management to obtain such high ranking in the business world. 


Al-Gharasi Building.AL-Gharasi International Trading Company was established in 1972, with its head office in Sana'a and branches in different parts of the Republic of Yemen and over seas.

Al-Gharasi Group is well established & well known among the clients of both governmental organizations and other private sectors in and outside the Republic of Yemen. Al-Gharasi has a very good networking with businesses all over the world that can ease the development of any new partnership or cooperation especially in Yemen.


The group is mainly dealing in manufacturing, exporting, importing and distributing of various kinds of consumable and non-consumable goods from USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Far East, and Africa as well as cargo services.

Bank References:

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In 2007, our annual turnover is around eighty million US Dollars, a stable 15% growth rate.

Over 280 dedicated staff.

Imports from all over the world in over 30 products.

Exports fisheries, tea, plastic, and others.

Manufactures facial tissues, plastic products, biscuits,  sweets, and others.

Maintains a wide distribution channel that can reach out wholesalers, retailers, and sub agents.

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